Someday someone will love every inch of you- ”The fading sunset behind your eyes also the moonlight that dances through your hair…The sadness nestled in the creases of your palms…”  They will kiss every part you have kept hidden for so long and tell you how beautiful it is.

Someday someone will say ”I love all of you,not just the parts that makes sense,not just the parts you have shown me. I love the parts that I am yet to understand ,the parts that weigh on your shoulders and also the parts I give glances to when we are silent …”

You have to believe them and believe that fairy tales are not written for just the princesses in glass slippers…or the women who collected all the pieces of their broken hearts…but for you too.

Someday someone will come to you with a happily ever after promise and slide it over your finger. Someday you will realize that you are not the lucky one but the deserving one…Someday you are going to take someone’s breath away.

Someday you will realize how stunning you really are,and you will fall to your knees…Just like you have made him every time… 😉

P.S: Magic happens only if you believe in YOURSELF. Fairytales are true if you believe in them…someday you will write your’s too 🙂




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Looking from the window above it’s like the story of love. Can you hear me? Came back only yesterday I’m moving further away. Want you near me. All I needed was the love you gave…all I needed was for just another day…and all I ever want is ONLY YOU…

Sometimes when I think of your name when it’s only a game and I suddenly need you forever.Missing all those words that you said, It’s getting harder to stay…When I see you.

All I really needed was the love you would have given…All I needed was for another day…And all I ever want is ONLY YOU…

This is going to take a long time and I wonder what’s mine. Can’t take no more. Wonder if you’ll ever understand it was just imagining the touch of your hand behind a close door.

And all I needed was the love you gave…All I needed was for another day…And all I ever need is ONLY YOU…


PS: Why you had to leave without a single word…What did you get by coming into my life when you knew I would soon be needing ONLY YOU…

The Boy Who Loved <3


He undoubtedly loved her the most in his dark life.

His brother was the only person who always looked up to but he left him alone in the world and went to heaven,leaving behind the happy and sad memories…

The boy who loved gave a final date to his death.Their story was different.

She never got love from anybody until one day he came in her life and became her only family.  She always had slit marks on her wrist,but nothing mattered about all this to the boy who loved…A smile on her lips was all that mattered to the boy…before he jumps off the favorite building where they made sweet memories together….

He took her to the same building , sat on the edge with her in his lap and whispered in her ear…while kissing her neck  ”I love you…I love you forever and always…I just want to see a smile on these beautiful lips I tasted…before I jump off the roof…”  He stood up holding the bars of the terrace and managed to stand on the edge…

He looked behind him for the smile…but it was nowhere,  rather he felt her beside him…holding his hand tight she said  ”I want to come with you…I want to end all our worries and pain here so that the boy who loved can love me in the heaven as well…I love you” He smiled her last smile and held her hand tight closing their eyes both of them smiled and jumped off the terrace without leaving each other’s hand…

As they crashed on the road stopping the traffic around them…

She smiled at the boy who loved and closed her eyes….forever… ❤

PS: Lovers are meant to be together everywhere around the world and above in the heavens too… ❤ 

His imaginative Princess…

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He is a successful businessman of just 21. A millionaire named ‘Prince’. A man in love with his business but real love was always  alien to him,until one fine day a Princess of just 16 walks in his life through texting. She was heartbroken but still had hope that one day a PRINCE will surely come in her life.

She showed him the real meaning of love and life…made him smile through his dark times.She was an angel with chubby cheek and rimmed glasses….with beautiful lips and eyelashes.Made him imagine her as his own. The one in love with business fell in love with a PRINCESS…head over heels…The thought of loosing her worried him, the thought of seeing tears of past scared him. She was scared to let herself fall in love with a man who is not even her age,but it is always said that ” When two beautiful hearts of different souls starts to care for each other more , they always find a way to LOVE”.  Both fell in love..happily . Both carried  positive attitude for each other’s strength. He always wanted to give her all the possible happiness in this beautiful world and be the only silver lining to her dark clouds . He never want to see her cry.  She always smiled in her sleep dreaming about him…That’s how their story was .

He caressed her past,she flinched as it hurts, she thought he would run away like other but NO he whispered ”You are a warrior . You are strong…but now you don’t have to fight every battle yourself my love…”  he took her hand in his and intertwined the fingers with her…kissed her lips and smiled at her. He wrapped his arms around her as a protective shield .

”She was always his IMAGINATIVE PRINCESS …until one fine day it all came TRUE…

P.S Love is a very strong feeling which can heel every wound on one’s heart Forever&Always…. ❤

Stay A Little Longer…


Will you ever come and find me..? Will you ever be mine..? Need you now just hold me closer , stop the wheels of time…just stay with me . When I close my eyes you are here with me. All I ever really need in this world is your LOVE,nothing I could ever say will be enough . Stay a little longer with me baby. Won’t you stay a little longer with me…

I’ve been waiting for something new. Now I know it’s always been for you…The silver lining to my dark clouds have always been your presence around me. I won’t let go cannot ever let go… Stay a little longer with me just don’t go…

P.S : Come back soon I’ll be waiting for you even if it’s gonna take forever for you… ❤ I LOVE YOU… ❤

YOU…need LOVE… <3

imagesThis is for you my dearest,weirdest,simplest and the most trusting friend…

HI…I know appreciating life takes a lot of love and care from the one we live for…but why not first live for ourselves and then think about the ones that matters in our life..until and unless you will not love yourself you should never expect love from anybody else…There are people out there who will love us more than we do to ourselves but my love, did you ever glanced inside you inner soul that maybe that person lives within you…

Life is a precious gift to us,but why is it so precious?

because it’s YOU  who is the most important part of this life of yours who makes this life PRECIOUS .

You know I am not the one to make you do things until and unless you yourself want to , but maybe I am the one to always push you to do right things and pull you back from the worst nightmares… Life is not about finding yourself but rather it’s about creating yourself…loving yourself and appreciating yourself . The choice is your if you want to forget everything and run or face everything  and rise….THIS IS DEFINITION OF F.E.A.R.

No worries how ever you feel just dress up , show up and never give up…start to inhale things that matter as a beautiful air but exhale things that are of no matter but polluted air…Look something positive in each day of you precious life..and talk to the most positive person that is YOU…and even some days you have to look even harder to find all those positive things but it’s not impossible…Let the smile change  world and never let the world change your smile…because you know what if I were a boy I promise to fell in love with you for your smile…Make every moment of your life  perfect don’t wait for it to get perfect…You are the one who needs to understand the importance of your life…people never have to…


P.S:Sometimes the smallest step in your life becomes the biggest step of your life…tip toe if you must but just try to take that step ( forgive him, maybe still don’t talk , but keep the good alive within you…I am sure he’ll understand…maybe talk to him…) ❤ A flower does not think to compete with the flower next to it …they only bloom or die together 🙂 This is life and everything happens for a reason here  ❤1888008747-2-most-important-days-mark-twain-picture-quote.gif


Part of ME…

downloade81d6cdb7695674d9392b39586aef986.jpgYesterday night when I was laying with the lights switched off and the silence filling my room I felt a tear escaping my eyes and staining the pillow I was holding on to my dear life…I was cuddling and imagining you besides me. I close my eyes and I really feel your sent inside me. You tighten your grip around my waist to make me sure now you are here.

The first time I lost in the battle of love I decided to give up. You came as the knight in the shining Armour and stole my heart . Earlier love for me was in books and movies but now I feel a part of you within me. I still shed tears reading love stories but you know what it kills a part of me to think about my part in love stories…I feel torn , feels as if someone is snatching my heart from me. Now you have made me yours so I am not afraid of the cause anymore.

I believe in fairy tales but never ever did I considered myself a Princess…


Will you make me feel like a princess…?

I am ready to once again fall in love.I promise my heart to you forever and ever…In return I want to feel my worth for you…love me , kiss me, make me yours…but please take all the nightmares away from me…


PS: Love me because I trust you…never ever go away from me because I trust you…I want the world to believe us but first to believe in you… I love you . ❤

The day you said ‘I LOVE YOU’ <3

The three words marks the real magic of the day.The day you said that you LOVE ME will always be cherished by me.

We both know that we do because we understand the importance of it.We both know how much it matters to us. Through my words and feelings you are already mine forever,the wait is of you . Just those three words are everything to me. They make my breath stop and I want to kiss your lips softly at that moment.

Now all those tears from the past and sadness is gone.I have you to hold me from behind close to your heart every night.I want to smile for all the reasons you would give me . I want to keep you present inside me. I want us to be forever.

I want to write every word of my life for you. I have a secret that I want to tell you…

My words won’t be as beautiful as you but you know what : come closer and hear…that I love you…


PS: Everything happens and it happens for a reasondownload

TO the one who noticed me first <3

Well this is for the one who noticed me first here. I really want you to know me and let me know you.

Hi! So as you might know YOU are the ONLY ONE who read my blogs. Thank you for it. I love what you write and as I say I won’t be sorry to fall in love with you. I am Mannat . 16 years well not yet but will be this November. I never thought about making a blog ever but look I did and glad I met you!

Your words to me are poetic and I love them…I want to tell you something about me.

I always wanted to be an author ever since I read my first book . I have a perfect story I am writing and would love you to be the part of it. My life has always been a little fucked up. Growing up in a half broken family is not easy…True that I’ve a half broken heart too but whosoever will be my ONE will get everything of me. My dream is to make a life that I’ll be proud of indeed matters with whom I am making . I have always been into LOVE , FICTIONS, IMAGINATIONS and yes to me TRUE LOVE IS EVERYTHING. I don’t know what you consider me as but you are most welcome to be the part of my life and maybe the only part if you allow…The first time I saw your blog rather than clicking the bog I clicked you picture …LOL and found it the only prince charming I’ve always imagined…(I AM SERIOUS) your rimless glasses were the first thing that i loved and then your shirt purple my favorite but then when i saw that smile 🙂 well I skipped a beat.  You might think of me as someone desperate but you know what , whatever way I will have you with me I will accept it whole heartily.


Look what you’ve done to ME <3

b62bfccac8588de34774d2d5d4bc6b40 Now that I have you with me , I feel complete. The new love flowers you are slowly growing inside me feels sweet . Now I see new feels and hangover in your eyes. I was into pieces but now you solved the puzzle of my heart. Now that I have you I finally   know how to live…You mean so much to me. You are the last thing I would ever want to loose in my life. You are the only thought I wake up with and the only thought I smile while sleeping.I want to keep you forever with me .


One of the most beautiful thing is when you find someone  who sees everything you are and your real potential. When I first met you I never knew you could possibly be the one for me. But I’m afraid…a lot afraid…because the thought of loving again was long lost from inside me but you rose it again. I am afraid what if you…you leave me forever and with that the tears starts to stream down my face and I am surrounded by only horrible thoughts….PULL ME BACK AND PUSH ALL THE THOUGHTS AWAY FROM MY HEART!

I love you for putting efforts in me and noticing me.

I love you because nobody could possibly love me the way I have seen in your eyes.

I love you because you feel the worth in me and my dreams.

You know that I am not the perfect girl but THANK YOU for choosing me over many.

I want to fall in love with you everyday of my life. By having you with me I have new wishes with me.


PS: LOVE was always a word until you came and gave it a meaning for me. The definition of WE is LOVE for ME. ❤  YOU ARE THE FEELING PEOPLE USUALLY WRITE BOOKS ABOUT.